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A micropub browser extension

Quickly post notes to your blog. Repost, like, or reply to anything online. Omnibear is an integrated Micropub client built into your browser.

Welcome to microblogging, on your own site

Omnibear is a MicroPub client, allowing you to publish posts to your website from anywhere on the web. Join the IndieWeb movement, own your own data, and send replies to other IndieWeb sites.

Post Notes

Write short notes and post them to your site. Share links to interesting articles or anything else you find online.

Send responses quickly

Right-click on any web site to reply without leaving the page. Post a comment (hosted on your own site), like it, or repost it for your subscribers to read.

Interact with Social Media

Posts on and are recognized. Right-click on a post to highlight it and reply to it in Omnibear.

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Be part of the IndieWeb movement

The IndieWeb is a community of individual personal websites, connected by simple standards. It is based on the principles of owning your site, using it as your primary online identity, and owning your data.

Microblog from anywhere

Microblogging isn’t limited to big centralized social networks; nothing is keeping you from making short posts to your own blog. Omnibear removes friction, making it quick and easy to do. You can copy the posts to Twitter or Facebook, or you friends can subscribe to your RSS feed and get your posts there.

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