Omnibear is a MicroPub client, allowing you to publish posts to your website from anywhere on the web. Click on the browser extension icon to open the drafting window. Use this to compose and save your post.

Omnibear popup window open


You can also post a reply to anything on the web. Right-click and select “Reply to entry” to write a reply. This will reply to the current URL.

If the current page is published with valid microformats, you can reply to any “h-entry” on the page. When you right-click an h-entry, it will be highlighted in yellow. Your reply will be posted against the highlighted entry.

Highlighted h-entry with the context menu open. Omnibear's "reply to entry" option is visible in the context menu.

When replying to an entry, you can also click the “like” or “repost” button to quickly post a like or repost for the current entry.

Twitter and Facebook Support

Omnibear supports interaction with Twitter and Facebook. Right-click on a tweet or Facebook post to highlight it and interact with it.

A highlighted tweet on twitter.com, with the context menu open. The Omnibear "reply to entry" option is highlighted in the context menu